A Great Idea For a Character

An arctic fox, not an albino fox, of course

Well, there are several issues at work here.

I've already gotten an established sort of home lair for The Chasseurs--a den that has been dug out under an apple tree that has fallen over near where they live above ground in their "regular life."

The den is sort of a meeting room where they cannot bring girlfriends. An old albino fox has decided to let them use the den, temporarily, while he makes a new den several hundred yards away. Now, finding a picture of an albino fox would be, I would think, pretty easy, except that when you type in the word "fox" and search images now, Megan Fox, the actress, brings back half of the hits and even when you specify an "albino fox," you still get back a slew of photos.

I settled on a great photo of an arctic fox. Why an albino fox? I dunno. Just being weird.

Anyway, this old fox is a great idea for a character. He's kind of a possessive landlord type, and the four dogs have to make certain that they don't upset his decor while they go over the things they need to remember.

1. Always stay in sight of one another
2. Stop, sniff, and bark once or bark twice. Hopefully, barking twice happens more often than barking once.
3. When there's a boom, duck.
4. When there's a whoosh, duck.
5. When it's quiet, wait for a boom or a whoosh.
6. Never stop moving.