Waterloo Re-enactment

Re-enactment of Waterloo
I knew there was something out there like this [warning--audio will play at this website].

Now, is this cooler than a Civil War re-enactment? No, but it probably comes with less baggage and with a slightly more uncomfortable uniform to wear.

What's On When explains what happens at this event:
The infamous defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815 is re-enacted every year, bringing together volunteer regiments from all over Europe in full period gear, complete with weapons. Over 1000 people take part.
The event opens with a series of peaceful demonstrations of the life of a Napoleonic-era soldier. The first day ends with a spectacular sound-and-lights show over the battlefield. A village of Napoleonic bivouacs are set up on and around the battlefield and visitors can observe daily life in the camps, check out weaponry and equipment, assist with the cooking or watch the changing of the guard and patrols.
The final day is dedicated to the re-enactments of the battles of Plancenoit and Hougoumont, which make up what is known jointly as the Battle of Waterloo. After the last battle, troops retreat towards the Hameau du Lion in a great procession.
Other re-enactments include the arrival of ambulance crews in vintage vehicles to tend to wounded soldiers with tools and implements of the time. There's also a market selling all kinds of Napoleonic objects as well as a historical path for children.
The event takes place in June over the course of three days and features a pretty comprehensive overview of the battle and the history of the event.
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