The Chasseurs is Getting Underway

Organizing this project has happened in my mind, and not on paper. I have to put an end to that way of doing things and be more transparent.

This is where I will blog about the conception of the project, and try not to hold too much back.

The Chasseurs is a story about how four dogs, abandoned by their owners after the fall of Napoleon, have lived for about a year in northern France. When Napoleon leaves Elba, and when war is apparent, these four dogs have to figure out whether or not they will return to their units (they are trained dogs, used in various French Army regiments). The story culminates with being swept up into the Battle of Waterloo.

This is a decidedly anti-war project. The use of the dogs, of animation, and of this particular kind of story telling, is designed to highlight some universal truths. The people have been living in wretched conditions in a country wrecked by war, and war itself is no promise of riches or glory. The dogs are abandoned, but they stay together and survive. They have to say goodbye to their sweethearts and march away, just like the men, when they realize that they have no choice. They have to find a way back into the society of men after living under a fallen apple tree in an old, wrecked orchard. They have to survive the return of war to a devastated part of Europe.

I want it to be acceptable on many levels. I want the message to get through, but I want it to be full of action and humor. I want it to be difficult, but not too difficult. I want it to be good, and that's all I'm going to strive for. Good.

As to the history, well, I'm going to have to sort that out over the next few months.