On Your Way Back to North Korea Yet?

I have to believe that Jeffrey Fowle is probably planning on returning to North Korea soon, I would be willing to bet you that he's already had offers on a special Korean translation of the New Testament that can fit into a small, pocket-sized Bible that he can leave scattered all over the place once he goes back to Pyongyang.

However, the dastardly gangsters of Miamisburg, Ohio have plans to use their running dog tactics to keep him from his business:
While Fowle was detained, Miamisburg terminated his employment as a municipal worker, providing a $70,000 severance package. Officials said he had exhausted his leave.
But the city says it will hire him back.
"We wish Jeff well. We're excited to have him return," City Manager Dave Hicks told WHIO.
And why not? There are no consequences for poor judgment anymore. Nobody loses their job just because of a few discarded Bibles. They'll eventually let him go if he gets caught doing something stupid again. That's the kind of world we live in now. Diplomats and government officials have nothing better to do than negotiate the freedom of Bible dumpers.

Harrison Ford Has Another Movie to Sell

Pretty much the only time anyone does a fawning, sycophantic profile of Harrison Ford is when he has a movie to promote. Any other time, well, forget it.

Ford's movies make a lot of money. What else is there? I can't remember the last time that I actually wanted to see a Harrison Ford movie. As in, actually went out and saw it because he was in it. The films he's made over the last decade are forgettable. Absolutely forgettable.

I hope there's something good about Cowboys & Aliens. I hope he isn't a piece of wood in it.

Years ago, I figured out something. If you put Michael Caine on one side, and Harrison Ford on the other, which one of them would be more compelling and real?

Michael Caine.

The difference between them is rage. Caine has the acting chops to show the kind of rage that a leading man and an actor should possess. Sean Connery, Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones, Al Pacino, and Mel Gibson had (and perhaps still have) that rage as well. Think about how unfair it is to compare Ford to the actors that I've mentioned. It's unfair as hell because he hasn't done anything that could top the work those actors have done.

Harrison Ford doesn't have anything that can compare. He has a lot of profitable, popular films that showcase his everyman talents. Beyond that, what is there?