On Your Way Back to North Korea Yet?

I have to believe that Jeffrey Fowle is probably planning on returning to North Korea soon, I would be willing to bet you that he's already had offers on a special Korean translation of the New Testament that can fit into a small, pocket-sized Bible that he can leave scattered all over the place once he goes back to Pyongyang.

However, the dastardly gangsters of Miamisburg, Ohio have plans to use their running dog tactics to keep him from his business:
While Fowle was detained, Miamisburg terminated his employment as a municipal worker, providing a $70,000 severance package. Officials said he had exhausted his leave.
But the city says it will hire him back.
"We wish Jeff well. We're excited to have him return," City Manager Dave Hicks told WHIO.
And why not? There are no consequences for poor judgment anymore. Nobody loses their job just because of a few discarded Bibles. They'll eventually let him go if he gets caught doing something stupid again. That's the kind of world we live in now. Diplomats and government officials have nothing better to do than negotiate the freedom of Bible dumpers.

This is Sexist

Veev vodka is hoping you'll accept the joke here. Unfortunately, it's a transparently sexist and somewhat culturally insensitive ad.

The stereotypically harsh and unattractive Russian/Slavic/Eastern European depiction of a hectoring wife is supposed to sell alcohol to who, exactly? I'm not sure who the target audience is but any man married to a "beast like this" (which is what the advertiser is signaling here) must want to drink themselves into a state of unconsciousness.

When you're using humor to kick down here, you have to remember that there is a fine line between satire and being stupid about cultural signifiers. You're not supposed to link your product to something that doesn't have some sort of redeeming quality. Being smashed, cheating on your wife, and fostering a stereotype isn't exactly the smart or uplifting quality being sought here.

Veev makes a vodka that is useful for your suicide by drinking because your horrible wife is a sexless babushka? Really? And now that means you gotta get a third or fourth bottle for your bros?

Stupid. And, of course, sexist.