It is Safe to Ignore Bill Maher From Now On

Bill Maher.png

I am so glad that I don’t have to pay attention to this smug asshole anymore:

In the days after she became the most-Googled candidate at the first of two Democratic primary debates this week, Marianne Williamson faced sharp scrutiny on her past statements about vaccines and mental health during combative interviews with MSNBC’s Ari Melber and CNN’s Anderson Cooper

On Friday night, she found herself in the warm embrace of HBO’s Bill Maher.

Williamson didn’t seem to know quite what to expect when she sat down with the Real Time host midway through his first show back on the air in several weeks. He called her “too interesting to run for president” before suggesting that her spiritual philosophy “sounds like Scientology.” Taken aback, she asked, “How can you even say that?”

“It just sounds like it, I’m not saying it is,” Maher responded quickly, walking back the perceived criticism. Despite his nearly militant anti-religious stance, he seemed oddly taken with her message about a “higher power.” 

Anyone who kisses his ass from now on deserves to be mocked.

Gwyneth Paltrow is Definitely Not on Drugs


Sebastian Stan is one of those actors who should be very well known to other actors, but Gwyneth Paltrow keeps forgetting who he is for some odd reason:

S Stan.jpg

It could very well be that Paltrow has no idea what she’s working on at any given time, being either confused or disorganized. In the last century, we would surmise that she was on drugs or that she was just flaky and ridiculous (kinda the same thing).

No one assumes someone is on drugs anymore, so that’s the point of all of this. We have gotten to a point when a reasonably intelligent person who can’t remember working with Sebastian Stan is not automatically accused of being heavily into drugs or completely wasted all of the time. I call that progress.

Everyone Hates Trump

Lispy Trump.jpg

These are the kinds of unflattering, truly awful photos that come out when the world really, really hates you as a person and as a leader. Every unflattering image of a world leader becomes a meme of sorts.

The original, uncropped photo from Reuters shows the president in an awkward moment, snarling at someone or just unable to function like a normal human being.


His daughter is trying to get away. His advisors are pretending they are actually part of the proceedings. They are not. They are superfluous.

Here’s Trump in a hat pulled down too far, wearing a military jacket cut for a man 90 pounds ago.


Who can resist taking a photo of Trump when he’s mocking others? He looks like a fool.


Susan Collins is just now realizing that her association with Trump has spelled the end of her political career. This photo encapsulates the disgust that Republicans have for Trump, one that they cannot share publicly.


Here's an unsteady Trump in the driveway of the White House, an undignified place to address anyone, much less the media. His suit looks ridiculous.


This is how you look when no one loves you enough to tell you to get a better tailor.

Pants 1.jpg

I realize now that I’m just shitposting, but no grown man should ever appear in public with his pants looking like this.

Pants 3.jpg

Whoever let Trump be photographed with his terrible hair slicked back was committing an act of political malpractice. Disheveled old man who just played golf is not a good look.

Pants 2.jpg

A definite candidate for the Pulitzer Prize. News flash—young people are not fond of Trump, and they don’t care about the issues that he has with his hair. Why he would preen like this and remain seated when there are ladies present is beyond me.

Trump With Baylor WB.jpg

Nancy Pelosi’s pity clap for Trump is a photograph that should win the Pulitzer Prize. It is exactly how a nation that hates Trump believes he should be depicted.

Really, this is just a monstrous depiction of a man at the end of his own personal runway.

What Fresh Hell is This?


This is a very specific blog post, and it’s not directed at you.

It’s directed at the person who wrote this article and the editor, or editors, who allowed it to be published.

Who in the holy hell cares what Anthony Scaramucci has to say about anything? Who cares what he thinks about politics? About American foreign policy? About any goddamned thing imaginable?

What in the hell is wrong with you people? Scaramucci is not a credible source of information, opinion or expertise. He is a rolling sack of meat jammed into a suit. He’s less than informed about actual things happening in this world—he’s a discredited, unemployable jackass with no redeemable qualities.

You dutifully wrote down what he had to say, and you came up with this?

Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci believes it would be "very smart" for Iran to de-escalate tensions with the United States, amid fears of another military confrontation in the Middle East.

President Donald Trump announced fresh sanctions on the Islamic Republic on Monday, following the downing of an unmanned American drone last week.

The U.S. president also warned an Iranian attack on Americans would be met with "great and overwhelming force" and "obliteration."

Oh, man. If the Mooch says it would be “very smart” for the Republic of Iran to do something, well, we’d all better get in line behind his wise and learned advice and follow it, huh? This is million dollar stuff here.

Jesus fucking Christ, you people. You’ve elevated a barely sentient pissant to the level of what, exactly? Why don’t you get Omarosa’s opinion on textile trade with South Asia? Why don’t you get Corey Lewandowski’s opinion on relations with the opposition running against the government of Malaysia? How about asking Tom Price what we should do about our treaty rights in relation to all things concerning the Laplanders?

These are the stupidest times of our lives, bar none.