Sometimes the Bear Eats You

How awful.

Setting aside the tastelessness of using any form of rape as a joke, someone must really want The Revenant to fail:

20th Century Fox has dismissed reports that Leonardo DiCaprio's character is "raped by a bear" in his latest film The Revenant.

There's the whole thing about the politician (Lyndon Baines Johnson?) who told his staff to put out a rumor that his opponent was a pig fucker. The idea was, just getting him to deny that he was a pigfucker was good enough. But to extend this kind of cruelty to the release of a feature film is beyond the pale. Serious economic damage could be done here, and for what? To embarrass Leonardo DiCaprio?

You've really got to be disturbed to use a tactic like this.

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It has gotten so bad at NBC News that they'e even running prominent ads for Ron Paul's goldbug nonsense.

I don't know how this justifies a meager amount of online ad revenue. You're giving space to a widely-derided and oft-debunked economic theory that will never, ever go into effect and you're legitimizing a man who has used his seat in Congress to raise money from people by exploiting their economic vulnerability and uncertainty. Where's the ombudsman? Someone is asleep at the damned switch. 

Sponsored content is the same as renting your most important places out to anyone with a buck. NBC has ceased to be a credible source of news because anything is for sale and nothing matters anymore. Expect more of this sort of shilling.