Communism is So Over, Man

The Daily Caller dissolves further into madness and irrelevance with this whopper of a "story."

Did you catch a whiff of the anti-semitic overtones? A "Jewish" summer camp for activists? Oh, heavens. Is that where this failed media experiment is aligned now? Does that mean they have gone full evangelical wingnut?

This is a classic example of inductive reasoning. If someone has no evidence, they look for an example of where someone somewhere held an opinion a long time ago that can be conflated to mean this when it really doesn't mean that. And it means that they absolutely, positively have to be true believers of that same outdated opinion and have an insidious plot to destroy America by introducing Communism, which, of course, has been utterly rejected time and time again by the American people.

I mean, holy cow. Is it time for that Red Dawn discussion group yet?