Television is a Better Place With Bill Lawrence Working In It

I'm glad to see that Cougar Town has a future and a possible happy home with TBS. I would like to see a number of shows like this continue so that I can, greedily, of course, catch up with them when we no longer live overseas.

The ban on allowing those of us who live in Europe to watch shows like this has been tough. I don't have the Internet bandwidth to buy into a service that will mask my IP address and I have had to resort to waiting for the entire season to be released on DVD.

It need not be like this. Screw these restrictions on rights and whatnot. I am a viewer, and I want to view the program they are putting out; I'll gladly sit through your ads. Just let me watch your show.

Bill Lawrence said, on the Marc Maron podcast, that he has a finite amount of time left to be working in television. I am hoping that he will get a chance to continue with Cougar Town and get some more work out there. He is one of those rare producers of quality programming. If you appreciated Scrubs, and I know I did, I hope that Cougar Town does not fizzle out like Scrubs did.