Winning is Not a Plan

The plan is to win?

The American people are indifferent to what is happening in Afghanistan. Once there was an outpouring of concern and care for a few months in the media, the issue was abandoned. There's no point in talking or blogging or writing about Afghanistan because people just don't care. They don't follow the war, they think we've won and that we're leaving, and the focus of the public is on jobs and our dismal economy.

It's probably going to be an election about pocketbooks and not about the fact that we're fighting a ten year-old war on the other side of the world that is chewing up our military because there is no plan. Simply killing a lot of human beings, either by hand or by remote control, is not a plan. Patrolling and driving down poor roads is not a plan. Backing this warlord over that warlord until another warlord comes along is not a plan. Protecting a populated area so everyone can go farm poppies and then flee when the poppy harvest is in is not a plan.

Whenever someone says "the plan is to win," you know there is no plan. An American official, in this case the new general in charge, has basically indicated to the American people that the standing foreign policy goal of Afghanistan is a state of permanent war. And no one cares.