Gingrich Remains Impressed With His Own Intellect

A Republican is someone who thinks that Democrats should be in jail. A Democrat is someone who thinks criminals should be in jail. Clearly, the charismatically free and ridiculously out of touch candidate who calls himself Newt Gingrich has never been acquainted with this thing we call the rule of law, but oh well. He is failing and desperate. Flop sweat appears on his lip when asked any question not rooted in his own slipping grasp of American history. His poor wife, with her deer-in-the-headlights stare, simply cannot warm the hearts of people who write checks. Does he have a loyal child who doesn't harbor feelings of betrayal for the abandonment of some discarded wife somewhere? Can't that child be coaxed into saying something decent about this man? Or is that an impossibility for which there is no hope?

Why is he still in the race? He hasn't caught fire and he won't catch fire as a candidate. He is reduced to pleading for money from people who roll their eyes at his fervent belief in his own competence. No one in modern American politics has failed as often as Gingrich, and his team is winning. His team is full of politicians who win, and win big. Sadly, none of that has ever rubbed off on him.

Representative Barney Frank got in a great line when asked for his response:

In a perfect world, the story about the Republican debate would lead with Frank's zinger.