This is Why No One Should Ever Listen to Mark Penn

What a misguided fool. Mark Penn ran Hillary Clinton's campaign into the ground. By the time they figured out that Penn did not know what he was doing, it was too late. Naturally, he cannot for the life of him analyze or figure out anything related to President Obama. Candidate Obama left him baffled and with his pockets turned out. Has Penn found his car keys? I think he lost them somewhere in early 2008.

So, here is Mark Penn trying to string together a coherent thought. He even does the work of the Republican Party for it by invoking class warfare. It's not class warfare when one class has all of the money, dude. We're past that now. We're on to "breaking the moneyed trusts and snapping the necks of the robber barons." Please pay attention, okay?

Penn leads off with the stupidest point imaginable. Americans were angry that President Bush "increased spending?" That's remarkable. No one said boo. No one bothered to raise an eyebrow when the Congress ran things up and hid the costs of the Iraq War and appropriated money like there was no tomorrow. Those were boom times. Government spends like crazy during boom times because it is flush with tax revenue. There were no deficit hawks, save crazy Ron Paul, and there was no way--no way--the Republican Party was going to touch entitlements once everyone realized that privatizing Social Security was dead in the water.

That "war that should never have been fought" was never understood by the American people. If the war, in fact, should never have been fought, John Kerry would still be the President of the United States. The American people spoke loudly. They love war, especially if it kills people who talk funny and don't embrace our troops.

President Obama ran as a "Reaganesque" candidate? Who was that old fellow clamoring for attention next to him? How could the young, charismatic Obama have pulled off the Reagan thing when the actual Reagan heir was running for the Republicans? John McCain tried to run as Reagan and they kicked him to the curb and took his wallet, too. And his wife's car keys.

See, this is why Penn is ridiculous. He doesn't get it. He's lazy, incompetent, and stuck in the past. President Obama won because he was able to raise a ton of cash over the Internet. That threw the election cycle into a frenzy. He won because he had the most money; having the most money meant that he was able to get his message out there. I don't remember what that message was, but it must have been effective. It got him elected. He would not have gotten elected if he had been stumbling through his stump speeches, exhausted from having to beg old people for cash all day and all night. The money he raised bought ads that made John McCain and his other brother Darryl from the back woods of Alaska look crazy, mean, and old.

President Obama won because he wasn't old and mean looking. Now we have to figure out where our economy is headed now that the Republican Party has been hijacked by the disciples of Ayn Rand. Do you know what's going to happen in 2012? If the economy is in the tank, the President is going to lose. It's that simple.

If the economy turns around, the President will probably win.

Whatever Penn is saying beyond that is nonsense.