The End of the Weiner Affair

If this man's ambitions had brought him to higher office--the Senate, a Governor's mansion, the cabinet of the President--his fall would be more significant. As it is, he's a rather loud but insignificant Congressman and they fall from grace and power on a regular basis. This is not as big of a deal as the fall of Tom DeLay and, ethically, it's not as bad as the Duke Cunningham affair (which involved prostitutes, just like it did with David Vitter, who somehow survived in power). It's gotten to be a big story because it involved acts of sheer, unimaginable stupidity. The fact that this supposedly smart man was considered one of our elites is shocking. Our elite leaders are really this incredibly incompetent? This man was given a position of public trust? Wow.

Throw all the bums out if that's the case. Send the yeomen farmers to Washington, if you can find any.

At the end of the day, Anthony Weiner is merely a joke and a fraud, and not much else besides that. He is no great loss to a Democratic Party that has the Republican Party where it wants it--on the wrong side of a discussion about the future of this country and Medicare. If the Weiner Scandal did one thing then it basically knocked Medicare off the front pages, albeit, briefly. Nothing is more important than the future of entitlements in this country. If Anthony Weiner had himself by the balls with one hand, the Democratic Party has the Republican Party by the balls with both hands, and they need to start driving that home. So long distraction. Hello, substance.

The problem with Weiner is not so much what he did but that he was stupid enough to actually do it and think that he could survive, politically or otherwise. He's now a national joke, made worse by ten straight days of ridiculous denials and self-deluding bravado. This man ended his own career in politics by being a modern, media-savvy pervert with a working knowledge of the Internet that would have been more comfortable circa 1999. Weiner actually believed he could use the internet to send women his cock shots without any repercussions, and, in that, he has a kindred spirit in one Brett Lorenzo Favre.

Weiner and Favre need to start a company that brings people up to speed on how to use the Internet to get their rocks off without having their reputations or careers destroyed in the process. Everyone loves sexting, shooting their own penis with a low-resolution camera device, and having Twitter act as their personal sex encounter concierge. Millions would pay for their advice on how to have it all, and still be considered a hero.