Kevin Pollak is Still a Complete and Utter Asshole

There really isn't much more to add, is there?

Clarence Clemons is probably laughing at this, in heaven, but, yes. It's too soon. Pollak, being a career asshole, doesn't understand what too soon means nor does he have the class to think before he tweets.

Of course I'll still follow him. You never know when he's going to drop another bomb like this.


Darn – one of those times I’m REALLY upset with all the “outsiders” stopping by to comment. Once I saw Pollak’s comments referenced here, I SO looked forward to hearing from the many others – like me – who’ve had the displeasure of actually working with this 1st Class Ass.
To be fair, the remarks cited are an edited, much cleaner and much, much briefer version of how Pollak typically refers to EVERYONE he works with, usually while they’re a foot or two away, and typically with angry spittle flying.
As long as one does not have the position to turn and say, “Pollak, your ass is fired,” Pollak belittles, berates, sneers at, ridicules and impugns the intelligence of every crew member, cast colleague, production staffer, assistant and guard unfortunate enough to cross his path throughout the typical day. And on those occasions he muffs a line, misses a mark or forgets a direction, woe unto the wardrobe worker, make-up artist, grip or actor unlucky enough to be in sight because, in a screaming fit, his or her supposed incompetence will be identified as THE reason he’s been distracted to the point of being unable to work.
I’ve worked two projects he was on and saw this pattern so clearly that I actually turned down a third based solely on his anticipated presence, admittedly in an economy better than this one. I was certain that, if forced to watch him yet again demean and bully some poor bastard unlucky enough to have simply been nearby, I’d have felt obliged to step forward – in the process doubtless losing myself THAT job. Fortunately, some back hallway fiasco saw KP leave that project, and I was able to reverse course and accept a job that turned out to be infinitely more enjoyable than most working it had been able to expect before KP vanished.
There’s no arguing the man pushed an encyclopedic recall of credits, and an undeniable talent for milking that in one-on-one fawning sessions with superiors, and that in concert with a dandy Shatner impression, he used networking to actually build something of a career. Not bad with such crude tools and so little ability. But it’s nice for those who have been witnesses and victims along the way to enjoy Pollak’s new turn as a game show host who is now lecturing and scolding contestants and the press.

Kevin Pollak is obviously an ass

sorry, I had to say it.

I've been a fan of him for a long time and loved the Usual Suspects
etc... good quality work which I mentioned in my letter. But my photo
was for the Cupid character in Santa Clause 2.

Anyway, the first time I wrote, I got a response from his secretary
saying he wasn't in anything Star Wars (he actually was, but doesn't
remember... it was a voice role in the Ewok films). Anyway, he
obviously wasn't proud of that or his secretary didn't know so didn't
pass it on. No problem...

then when I decided to do SC2 items, I thought it was a great
opportunity to get his sigs as the secretary said "Mr. Pollak cares
about his fans but can't sign something he didn't do". I took that to
mean he'd sign if I sent the right image. I did this time....

But I got the items back today UNSIGNED. No explanation even. What
an Ahole. I liked him, but now I am not so thrilled. Least that
could have been done was a post it with an explanation!