The Terrible Consequences of Beer Pong

I like the idea of beer pong, but this should give people pause:
A drinking game ended in tragedy early Monday morning after an argument over beer pong led to the fatal stabbing of a New Jersey firefighter, prosecutors say.
William Walker Jr., a 21-year-old Cherry Hill firefighter, was reportedly stabbed outside a party around 2 a.m. and later pronounced dead at Cooper University Hospital.
Naqeebulla Habibi, 19, was charged with murder and is being held in Camden County Jail on $750,000 bail.
According to CBS station WCBS, the two men argued during the drinking game, but appeared to reconcile. As they were leaving the party, a fistfight broke out between them and Habibi allegedly stabbed Walker in the chest, says The Courier-Post of Cherry Hill.
One bad experience should not sully the reputation of a game, but think of this: how much of it was really about the beer pong and how much of it was a rather dysfunctional male relationship? Was this the right guy to be playing beer pong with?

You can truly humiliate another man by kicking his ass at beer pong. You can ruin someone's reputation and have them labeled a Cliff Clavin or a Camel Toe, and that's going to really drive them over the edge if they feel that they should be known as a Buck Rogers. Seriously, those are actual terms from the game. Now, that's probably nothing to kill over, but those are some pretty serious appellations to be dropping on someone who wants to prove their manliness
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