Whatever Happened to the Reformation?

What Would Cardinal Wolsey Do?When you read something like this, you have to wonder if it will cause the hotheaded youths of Europe to form home regiments and flock to the standards:

Three Church of England bishops traveled to Rome last week for talks with Vatican officials about joining the Catholic Church, according to two of the bishops involved.

bishops told The Associated Press they went to the Vatican to find out more about Pope Benedict XVI's decision to invite disaffected Anglicans to join the Catholic Church - a sensitive issue which has roiled relations between the two denominations and threatens to overshadow the pontiff's visit to London later this year.

The Vatican's spokesman said he had no information about the meeting.

Rev. Keith Newton, the bishop of Richborough, said the trip consisted of "nothing more than exploratory talks" and denied a report in The Sunday Telegraph that he and his colleagues had secretly promised the Vatican they were ready to defect to Rome.

"No decisions have been made," he said.

If you don't like female priests or homosexual clergy, the Catholic church wants you! But you have to forget we had a reformation, okay? Given how little anyone pays attention to such things, how hard could it be for the Catholic Church to win over a few Anglican clergymen?

If you can get past all of the sex, nudity, and violence, and somehow not fall asleep when Natalie Dormer is not on the screen, you can learn a lot about the Reformation by watching The Tudors.