Danica Patrick's Go Daddy Ads Don't Work For Me

Danica Patrick

I adore Danica Patrick, but her Go Daddy ads have to go.

After watching several of them work their way through an otherwise OK Super Bowl telecast, I kept wondering why I didn't like the ads.

Go Daddy has never been much for innovation with their ads.


That's what they use. Titillation. Fine, but you can't sell that to everyone. Just weirdos who want to have their own websites.

Wait, that's what Go Daddy is counting on. They are counting on some idiot to register southbostonpoontangwatch.org and yomamaisadumptruck.info in order to stay in business. The only way to reach that person is to send them to the Go Daddy website in the hopes of seeing a woman almost get naked. So, while Danica's ads didn't really appeal to me (Danica is always appealing, however, and is a fantastic young lady), they probably did send a few louts out there to pay way too much to register website domains they'll forget they own when the next Super Bowl comes around.

I've been served.