What Were You Expecting at That Tracy Morgan Show?

Tracy Morgan

If you haven't already figured this out, sometimes a comedian does what we like to call "blue" material. If you can't handle the blue material, it usually means one of two things. Either you haven't been going to Vegas often enough, or your idea of rowdy is to stay at home on Friday night and watch re-runs of Walker: Texas Ranger.

Tracy Morgan, he does the blue material, I hear:

Fans expecting to see Tracy ­Jordan at Tracy Morgan’s Carnegie Hall performance Friday night got a rude awakening.

The bawdy comedian packed the venerable performance venue with fans expecting his “30 Rock” character’s prime-time humor. But minutes after Morgan started his routine, many walked out in disgust.

It turns out that some New Yorkers really can’t take a joke — especially when it’s unspeakably filthy.

“People seemed to not be laughing at his jokes, but more because they were shocked and appalled with what was coming out of his mouth,” reports one audience member. Morgan talked trash about homosexuality (saying it’s “a choice,” which drew gasps), drugs, pornography and what he calls “politricks” — far edgier subjects than what his alter ego, Jordan, gets air time for.

“There was a continuous flow of people getting up and leaving throughout the show,” our spy reports, adding that many in the crowd clearly didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. Middle-aged women were the most flabbergasted when he started ­mimicking explicit sex acts on stage.

When Morgan found something shocking, he held onto it for minutes on end.

Did they think they were going to get to see his TV shenanigans? How many people would be complaining that all he did was a warmed-over set cribbed from what he does every week?

Here's a sampling of Tracy Jordan for you:

REVIEW: At the Red Robinson Show [Vancouver] Theatre on Friday, April 3 [2009]

Tracy Morgan is a funny guy and a big star, but he had his ass handed to him by a local boy on Friday. Then again, opener Graham Clark happened to be speaking the language of a near sold-out crowd at the Red Robinson Show Theatre, raising enormous cheers over the “shitty” Olympics and beefing about the pointlessness of “rich people” saving trees in Stanley Park. Former SNL player and 30 Rock star Morgan spoke in a more universal if less pointed tongue, spending most of his performance on the subjects of pussy, dick, and what happens when you put the two together. “Where are all the niggers at?” he asked about Vancouver, at the top of an hourlong set. “And who fucks all the fat white chicks?”

The rest of the night had more or less the same tone, with Morgan trying hard to offend. He announced that he’d arrived to “fuck a white woman”, explaining (probably accurately), “all my pornos are white women from Vancouver.” He bitched that black ladies were “lame fucks”, impersonated a man chewing gum while he whacked off, proclaimed that he loved “to eat me some booty-hole”, urged women not to be ashamed of their pussy farts—“that’s just the pussy speakin’ to you, fellas”—and cautioned men that a finger in the asshole is fine, but “if you let her go past the knuckle—you’re gay.”

If Morgan’s material had gone past the knuckle, it might have been a better night. But the subject matter was obvious and conservative, and the laughs consistently sewer-level, aside from a few brief flights of imagination. He admitted he enjoyed going to the supermarket “just to watch ladies buy cucumbers”, and a bit about “white rage” was relatively inspired. “You muthafuckas are tick-tick boom,” he said. “I’m concerned for white women. Bury you in the basement and then join the search party looking for your ass. Tell white ladies to stay the fuck out of Cancun.” This turned into a great bit about the Incredible Hulk, who “is not a superhero”, according to Morgan. “The Incredible Hulk is a drunk, white motherfucker in a bar—I don’t care about your muthafuckin’ gamma rays, take that shit outside!”


Anyone who went to see Tracy Morgan this past weekend at Carolines had to notice the sign by the ticket podium that warned of extremely adult and potentially offensive material. The sign for the 30 Rock star should've read: Warning! Crazy funny comedy ahead. No, really. He's crazy. Not sure how much his sobriety plays into this (more on that soon enough), but it seems as though Morgan has tapped into a completely uninhibited part of himself that, while getting him into trouble offstage, has given his TV career new life.

After about 50 minutes of graphic sex talk that had audience members blushing and laughing, he took a drink from his Evian bottle and the tone shifted.

"I can't drink alcohol no more, but I can still guzzle!" he said. Morgan then showed off his ankle bracelet to roaring crowd approval. "Yeah, they got me on the Lindsay Lohan program!" He then apologized to the audience, saying he knew his second DUI would land him in serious trouble. "Thanks for coming out...because I've been f---ing up this year." After some jokes about his arrest -- the cop "gave me the line test and I kept stepping on his shoe" -- he confessed that his arrest came just two nights before he was supposed to light the tree at Rockefeller Center. But his "drinking and speedballing" did him in. "I was coping" with success, he said. "Now I feel good. I've been clean three months -- I apologize for f---ing up...It feels good, now, I wake up, I don't got the runs!"

Later Sunday night, Morgan popped into the Comedy Cellar and showed off his ankle bracelet to fellow comedians, including Chris Rock (who happened to see Morgan's show at Carolines, too). This time, Morgan added a tag to his Lohan quip, exclaiming, "They've got me like Kunta Kinte!"

So, what were you expecting again? Were you expecting him to talk about airline food and how funny it is when people don't talk about their relationships often enough?