The Crazy People Stayed Home Tonight

What did you think of the Democratic debate tonight?

I didn't watch all of it because, hello, baseball and hockey were on, but, wow. The fundamental difference between the two parties seems to be a grasp on reality. I didn't agree with everything said by the candidates, and I think Clinton will be the nominee, but there's no question about it--the five people on the stage tonight were light years less batshit crazy than anyone in the Republican Party.

They seemed to all be naive about the use of American diplomacy. They don't seem to get the fact that Russia and China operate from a position of insecurity and not strength when they move against their neighbors. Russia, in particular, is a failed state attempting to mimic superpower status by using a poorly-equipped ragtag army to project power into their sphere of influence. And nobody wants American democracy. They want the right to kill the tribes they hate and amass power to protect their own. We cannot build nations around the world that will succeed. We have to imagine a world where others do not want to be like us, but they'll take our weapons all the same. If there was one thing I could find myself in agreement with the candidates, it would be the avoidance of the quagmire of Syria.

Tonight, you had people talking about diplomacy, climate change, and moral issues. There was a lengthy exchange on granting mothers paid medical leave when they have a baby--something you wouldn't hear a Republican support if it was their own child in their own house with the sound turned down so no one could hear them. You heard a defense of government tonight--a radical notion given the fact that the only use the Republican Party has for government is to wield it like a cudgel against Planned Parenthood. Nobody proposed building a fence with invisible money to protect us from illegal aliens from Canada. Nobody proposed bombing the shit out of brown people for laughs. No one said, "let's give billionaires a tax break and reap the benefits of trickle down economics."

Of course, this means the debate was boring, no one cares, and Clinton's e-mails are the greatest threat to democracy since the times of Jeebus.

UPDATE: See what I mean?