Me, circa 1975, CE

I have been blogging since 2005 in various places and in various ways. Before then, I had no outlet for what I wanted to say or do because I worked for the government. I wish there was a straight line from today's post to the very first thing I tried to write for web consumption, but it just wasn't meant to be. Back in the day, I should have just gotten a Word Press blog and stayed with the same platform.

This is the "new" site and it's on Squarespace. I get distracted every once in a while and change things around. If you come back tomorrow and it all looks different, you know I was bored.

The old site(s) were on Blogger. At one time, there were fifteen of them! That was crazy and had to stop.

The blog called An American Lion was the original blog, of sorts, so that one has been the mainstay of commentary and current events blogging. Much of that is going away, since current events are depressing and no one wants to read about them. This site is meant to escape some of that.

The Killing Moon was originally intended to be a music blog. Now it's about supporting artists, the future of the music industry, and new things in general.

Foolish Blood was set up in Paris, France in November of 2011 to cover arts and culture and I continue to roll that rock up the hill.

The Abbott and Gooseberry blog has its origins in a little comic that I started at a Tom Thumb convenience store in South Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the fall of 1988. It's supposed to be weird.

There is a link to some old blogs, and a few of them are updated once in a while, so they're really current blogs. I probably had more good intentions and ideas than I had readable posts back then.

I work, I write, I paint things, I take pictures, I criticize things, I get mad, I get it all down in words, and this is where it all goes.