The Longest Break Ever


Well, that was officially the longest break I have ever taken between posts/comics/panels/pleas for help. It ran from, roughly, August until five minutes ago. It's January already! Damn!

I'm not sure why these temporary breaks happen. I guess I'll just put it down to being cranky. When I work, I am less cranky. When I don't do anything, I get more cranky. And that crankiness created a spiral and a feedback loop onto itself and, the next thing I knew, it was the 29th birthday of Abbott and Gooseberry on November 8. We're coming up on THIRTY YEARS of incompetence, blank stares, quiet disapproval, and unfunny panels smeared with Photoshop goo. What's the deal, man?

As our friend Farmer Butt says, fuck that shit!

They Disemboweled Archie

That's dark:
Since 1941, comic book fans have followed the exploits of teenaged Archie Andrews and his friends. This July, they'll find out how he dies.
"Life With Archie" #36 hits stores on July 16, and CNN can reveal exclusively that it tells the story of how Archie sacrifices himself to save a friend.
Few details are known, but it seems fitting that Archie would go out a hero. The 37th issue one week later will end the series.
The "Life With Archie" series has been telling the stories of possible future Archie scenarios for the past few years, and so Archie will continue to be alive in the comics set in the present day.
 They took a knife or a gun to that kid Archie, and they left him bleeding in the arms of the women he toyed with. Speculation over who killed him will end once they reveal the whole story, but I would guess that he either crossed a high school heroin dealer or did a booty call that went bad.