Abbott and Gooseberry Will Never Go Away

Over the last year or so, I have toyed with the idea of reducing everything I do online to a single site; that is now going to happen by May 1st or so.

I have had an enormous readership over the last couple of years, due mainly to the followers on Google+ and through people linking here and to other sites. The decision to reduce and dismantle everything comes from not being able to sustain a dozen blogs anymore and not because of anything to do with numbers or money. Far from it, this is where I've always wanted to be. If you add up all the blog stats and all of the Google+ traffic, we do about 100,000 page views a month. That's humbling and good enough for me and I have always been happy and grateful for that.

The plan is to build a new website and go live in a couple of weeks. You will see changes here and there and things will fall away. I don't anticipate writing any less, but what I do release should be easier to find and catch up on and so that's what is driving the need for change. I think that the decline of blogging has also caught up to me--no one really does this anymore and nobody is really churning through these kinds of sites to find things to read. There's very little engagement in that anymore. So, building one site with one url and one archive of everything I've done since 2007 or so makes sense.

Part of me is convinced Blogger is going to go away at some point. I'm probably wrong about that, but oh well. I won't be around to have to scramble and deal with it.