Don't Forget to Feel Bad For the Fans

What's this nonsense?
Owners of two rooftop businesses overlooking Wrigley Field in Chicago went to court on Thursday hoping to stop the Cubs from installing a scoreboard and advertising signs that will block views into the stadium, reports the Chicago Tribune.
The owners of Lakeview Baseball Club and Skybox at Sheffield sued the Cubs and owner Tom Ricketts last month claiming that the team broke their agreement of a 20-year sharing contract and accused them of fixing ticket prices and violating the federal Sherman Antitrust Act.
The plaintiffs say the Cubs actions have created "life-or-death situation," claiming their businesses will suffer if the case makes it to trial.
The new ownership of the Chicago Cubs doesn't care. They want a new stadium but they're never going to get it because tradition and bullshit outweigh common sense. Wrigley Field, you're done and you don't know it yet. You were great when it was the 1950s and the games cost nothing to go and see.

This insane love affair with an outdated ballpark is threatening revenue streams. I get that people want to sit on some roof and look down into the ballpark from too far away--what's not fun about that?

Surely, there are 15 or 20 acres of abandoned property in the hell known as Chicago where they could build a domed stadium made of plastic to play in? Why not?