A Little Ole Misunderstanding

Chad Kelly is a gamer.

When everything is on the line, he goes for it all. If you mess with him, he'll just come back and spray the place with bullets and kill people and he doesn't mind telling you that to your face. I don't know what Ole Miss thinks they're getting in a player, but here's a young college athlete who isn't going to be run out of any bars without showing them that he knows how to play this game.

Now, I don't know which game he wants to play in life--that of a quarterback or of a gunslinging mastermind of violent retribution. But he has privileges that most athletes dream about.

Did he violently assault some people? Yep.

Was he resisting arrest? Heck yeah.

Did he threaten to shoot people with an assault rifle? Sure.

Was he released the next day without bail?

Wait--no bail?


I have no words for that. I get that he was being an asshole and that he was out of control. I get that he was violent and disrespectful and that the letter of intent he signed can now be used as toilet paper because this young man has done some serious damage to his future prospects.

But no bail for such a person? Someone who did what he did gets no bail whatsoever? That, I do not understand. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding. This young white male threatened to shoot people dead with an assault rifle and there was no concern the next day in court for whether or not he would show up for future proceedings so they just let him out of jail without bail?

Now, pretend Chad Kelly was black and get back to me on race relations in America right now. We have black men dying for a thousand times less than Chad Kelly got away with without having to post bail for in America right damned now and nobody says anything about it?