The Minnesota Vikings Are a Hapless Franchise

For the first time since 1983, the Minnesota Vikings will not be sending a player to the useless human endeavor known as the Pro Bowl:
For the first time in three decades, the Vikings did not have a player selected to the Pro Bowl.
The Vikings had a pair of strong candidates in defensive end Everson Griffen and safety Harrison Smith, but they were edged out by other top performers at their positions in voting done by fans, coaches and fellow players.
The last time the Vikings were not represented at the Pro Bowl was 1983.
In his first season as a starter, Griffen ranks eighth in the NFL with 12 sacks through 15 games and also has recorded 51 tackles. But he was not one of the six defensive ends selected.
Smith, meanwhile, is tied for fifth in the NFL with five interceptions and his three sacks are tied for the most among defensive backs. But six other safeties were picked.
While no Vikings made the Pro Bowl through the voting process, there is a chance that Griffen, Smith or another Vikings player could later be selected as an alternate.
If this sort of thing still mattered, I'm sure it would be an issue. I don't know that I've even ever seen a Pro Bowl game. Why do they still play it? Are they afraid that the NFL junket to Hawaii will cause someone to actually feel a measure of outrage that they were denied a chance to go play a meaningless game?

The Minnesota Vikings remain a hapless franchise. They should sit down with the team that plays in Washington D.C. and figure out who can claim the mantle of worst professional sports franchise ever.