Tiger Woods is Giving Up on Golf

Getting rid of the guy who was there for most of your major wins doesn't seem like the sort of thing a champion or a winner or a guy trying to build himself back up would do. It's not like Williams needs Woods. It's the other way around. The only thing that links Tiger Woods to his bygone days of actually being able to compete is Steve Williams.

Golf is a game of consistency of physical prowess and mental toughness. Woods dumped his swing coach, and now he's gotten rid of his caddie. Consistency is now eliminated, utterly, and it may be physically impossible for an oft-injured Tiger to get back into the form he needs for golf. Can he find the mental toughness he once had? Or is it really just a case of the physical and not the mental?

Whose idea was it to leave? Was it Woods saying "I need to change things" or was it Williams who went to Tiger and told him it was over?

Does it even matter? Can Tiger ever win another major, let alone win another tournament?

When you say "I wish him great success in the future," it means, "so long, and thanks for breaking my heart you jerk."

Or something like that.