China Should Start an Investigation Into the Bidens


This is insane:

President Donald Trump told reporters at the White House that he wants both Ukraine and China to investigate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. He said he hasn't yet asked Chinese President Xi Jinping to look into the Bidens, but he will start "thinking about it."

So, the United States government has been completely destabilized by a Republican President who is being enabled by a terrified handful of Republican senators. There is no GOP presence in the House anymore—they have been utterly destroyed by their own fecklessness and incompetence. The “Texit” of GOP House members has reached six, and will increase exponentially as other state delegations realize that they’re going to be creamed in next year’s election.

It’s horrific to hear anyone speak the way Trump does about his political opponents. You can’t imagine a similar discourse in any other context because one has never existed. It’s all batshit crazy right now, and if you wrote a novel that mirrored how we are living our lives right now, someone would throw it at your head and put you out on the stoop.

I mean, you can see the obstruction of justice sausage being made in real time right in front of your eyes. There is no need for an investigation. There’s no need for anyone to start building a case file, other than a simple folder on a desktop marked TRUMP OBSTRUCTION TWEETS N VIDEOS. Jeez, Republicans. So glad you went out on that limb this past week and defended the hell out of Trump right before he sawed the damned thing off on ya.

Vice President Joe Biden, and each and every former President and Vice President, should universally condemn Trump and his remarks. This is no time for the Obamas, Bushes, Clintons, Carters, or Al Gore to remain silent in the face of the destruction of our political norms. And, yes, we need to hear from Vice President Walter Mondale and from Dan Quayle and his wife on this, too. There are more living ex-Vice Presidents than Presidents, and they should all speak with one voice at this point in our history. Their denunciation of Trump should be swift and complete. And, no, you won’t hear from Dick Cheney when it comes to standing up for decency or the American way.

If you’re not condemning Trump at this point, nobody should plan on showing you any respect ever again.

Glenn Greenwald Blew It Again


One of the people who had fun dunking on people who follow the news and think for themselves was Glenn Greenwald. When Attorney General William Barr released his summary-not-a-summary of the Mueller Report, Glenn and his ilk had a fantastic time mocking people.

Uh, what happened, dude?

Special counsel Robert Mueller expressed concerns in a letter to Attorney General William Barr that Barr's four-page letter to Congress summarizing the "principal conclusions" of Mueller's findings didn't fully capture his 448-page report, according to a source with knowledge of Mueller's letter.

Later, Barr and Mueller spoke by phone and while Mueller didn't think Barr's letter was inaccurate, the special counsel believed his report was more nuanced on the obstruction of justice issue, according to Justice Department officials. Mueller was frustrated by media coverage, and wanted more of the report to come out, those officials told CNN.

So, the whole thing was fixed. Barr has no credibility now, none whatsoever. What we need to see now are hearings, unredacted elements of the Mueller Report, and a full scale inquiry into what the Attorney General was thinking when he obstructed justice when he failed to acknowledge that Trump obstructed justice.

Really, the whole thing is just one big obstruction, stretching from sea to shining sea. There’s so much obstruction of justice happening right now, it will take a decade to sort it all out.

Oh, and Greenwald has no credibility, either. If there was any justice, you’d never hear from him again.