It's All About the PDF My Friend

The insane and possibly illegal campaign to secure re-election for Freeborn County Sheriff Bob Kindler entered into a new phase today. And while nothing is ever written in stone, lots of things are written into the properties of PDFs.

In the case of two PDF files stored on the "" website, there are curious anomalies.

The PDF marked LIST was created with report processing software manufactured by GrapeCity. If an employee of the Freeborn County Sheriff's department used their Active Reports account to create a PDF of Freitag's court cases, game over. This application likely records all of the reports generated by the software. This is, I would imagine, central to the investigation cited above.

If a Freeborn County Sheriff's department employee used this software to create a report, and then exported it as a PDF file, they were using sensitive information to create a document designed to discredit Kurt Freitag. Is that enough of a crime? How about this?

The PDF marked 1998 was created by scanning documents with a Canon document scanner. It is an entirely different piece of equipment. The user left this whoopsy on the documents:

That time corresponds to a Thursday afternoon. Was the individual who used this specific piece of equipment (and a scanner image file is likely archived somewhere on the hard drive of their computer) at work when they created this file? The person who created the anti-Freitag website used the PDF in question, and likely created it by accessing sensitive information. And, they created a PDF with a Canon scanner that they didn't really know how to use since they left the timestamp on it and left the blank pages in place.

If one thing is certain, it is this--nobody should engage in these activities. This is a violation of the public's trust in a law enforcement agency. I don't know where the law comes down on this, but there should be enough forensic evidence on the computer network or on the computers used by the Sheriff's department to figure all of this out. If not, oh well. If you don't vote, you get the government you deserve.

So, to recap. Who, inside of the Freeborn County Sheriff's Department, has been doing things like this?

Why do people jump when I say the name Anne Marie Rasmusson?