Oh, What a Mess

This is where you end up torn between one side and then the other. I think that the Carrolls mean well but they are caught between a rock and a hard place as they try to set up their business. For the authorities, there's not much they can do, other than try to keep the animals safe and protect the interests of the public.

There is nothing "harmless" about keeping ten dogs in cages in your house and Miss Carroll should not have obstructed the legal process. But what the hell are you going to do? It's easy to be judgmental (we practically burst into flames when that was read back to us, didn't we?) but it's hard to see how this ends up being good for anyone in the long run. If you want to rescue dogs, you know you have the support of most people and you have a legitimate chance to do some good and make a little money.

It's not rocket science--a dog that someone gives you for nothing suddenly turns into a dog worth $3-400 after some discounted veterinary care and no one is supposed to wonder where the money's going? Okay, then. But it's still hard, noble work that should be commended. I have a rescue dog and everyone should think about whether or not that might work for their family. There's nothing better than a grateful dog being comfortable enough to fall asleep next to you on the couch and let his or her cares and anxiety fade away.

The bottom line is, the Carrolls have to find a way to set up a workable animal rescue business and it can't be in their house. This bullshit has to stop--they have to stop battling the animal welfare officials and they have to stop doing this because I think we'd all be a little safer if the police and that poor detective had other things to do.

As big of a nuisance as this is, and as much as I agree with having to stop the Carrolls from doing this within city limits in a house that isn't properly configured,  I would also like to see the same effort being directed at people who keep fighting dogs on their property in terrible conditions. There's plenty of "knowledge" about this around town. Stop a cop and let them decide whether or not they want to rescue some abused animals. And, you know, maybe we should try to close up a few party houses and keep some kids from drinking and maybe, just maybe, knock out a dozen or so meth labs this Spring. How about that?

In any event, what a mess. And now the Humane Society has an influx of animals to care for. As if there aren't enough hard times to go around, right?