Stay Classy, Kentucky Fans

This drives them crazy:
A blast as large as the one involving City College on Feb. 18 exploded on Oct. 20 when Hogan arrested Kentucky basketball players Ralph Beard, Alex Groza and Dale Barnstable for accepting $500 bribes to shave points in an NIT game against Loyola of Chicgo in Madison Square Garden in 1949. Groza and Beard had been on two NCAA championship teams and Beard also had been on one NIT winner. The 1949 games were an attempt to win the 1949 NIT and NCAA, which CCNY achieved in 1950. Beard and Groza had also been on the 1948 Olympic basketball gold medal team, and this Olympic unit was the nucleus of the NBA Indianapolis Olympians in 1949.
Judge Streit awarded suspended sentences to Groza, Beard and Barnstable and placed them on indefinite probation and barred them from all sports for three years. The NBA commissioner Maurice Podoloff also suspended the trio.
In the last stages of the hoop scandals or 1951, there was another significant event.
Bill Spivey, Kentucky's All-American center and leading player on the NCAA champions of 1951, was barred on March 2, 1952 from athletic play at the university. Spivey was never implicated in point shaving, so the action was surprising, though there were accusations against Spivey by teammates.
Kentucky coach Adolph Rupp had claimed his team was untouchable: "They couldn't reach my boys with a ten-foot pole." He was wrong. The NCAA suspended the Kentucky basketball program for the 1952-53 season.
Corruption is endemic to college sports; you'd have to be a brazen fool to believe otherwise. The school you root for is irrelevant; the whole thing is a rigged game.

When John Calipari does what he does and walks away from Kentucky, leaving behind a closet full of the stench of his cheating and the broken lives of young men who mean nothing at all unless they win games, he'll simply find another bunch of suckers. This country is so full of rubes, he could count on gainful employment for the next thousand years, were he able to coach that long. He's a mercenary. He trades a temporary lock on a national title for money. When that title is vacated, he's already spent your cash.

Here's some of that Kentucky class everyone knows and loves [see below for updates]:
"I'd say that you have your priorities in order. Does your mother know that you're a jackass?´╗┐" 
"You, Sir, must be a butt hurt Memphis fan. ´╗┐"
"or a Louisville Fan- libel from a man who must hate his mom to be so miserable´╗┐"
They'll attack your family and your sexual orientation all because they worship a school's basketball team. Hilarious.