Racism and Ignorance in the Albert Lea Tribune

Paul Westrum is practically the only virulently racist person who can regularly count on having his letters-to-the-editor published in the Albert Lea Tribune. His letters flood the region, however. Some of them have even been printed in their original German.

This one is so unbelievably irresponsible and racist that it should be held up and mocked. Who was the editor who signed off on this? What a pant load.

President Barack Obama is a "Muslim?" Really? Come on, that's racist. Absolutely, unequivocally racist and it is an unconscionable attack made out of ignorance and hate.

Is it the editorial position of the Albert Lea Tribune, and by extension, whoever owns the paper (Boone Newspapers?), that a letter writer who makes such a blatantly bigoted statement should go unchallenged? There is no editor's reply; in the past, whenever someone has written something controversial, an editor has inserted a comment. None appeared on Sunday.

Paul Westrum likes to see men with machine guns on every corner. Do you want to see men with guns everywhere? Is that your definition of a country that is free? Because that's the sort of country he wants to live in. He wants men with guns out there because his ideal country is militarized and locked down, controlled and secured. Oh, and what Israel practices is, to some at least, a form of racial apartheid, something you'll never hear discussed because, well, we hate it when our friends are as racist as we appear to be. Paul Westrum found a country just racist enough for his tastes, apparently.

What a disgrace. This kind of blatant racism has a home at the Albert Lea Tribune. It's been quiet for a while, but now that Westrum is back from his Freedom Tour of the world, well, I'd be willing to bet he loves what the North Koreans do to their people as well.