Paperwork is a Real Bummer, Man

Jim Hanson has seen fit to write a letter-to-the-editor praising the candidacy of Milan Hart. Good for him. I can't tell if this is the crazy Jim Hanson from Clarks Grove or merely a Jim Hanson from Clarks Grove but I can tell you this--Milan Hart is probably going to win his election higher office because all Democrats are evil communists who believe in gun control.

Eliminating a handful of outdated laws is one thing; sending a clown to St. Paul is another, and Hart is merely a pro-gun clown, hoping to find a way to make people forget that he lost his business because of paperwork. You know, that annoying, fuddy-duddy and intrusive government paperwork, man. 
A Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms audit started in 2011, and last summer Milan and Elaine had entered a revocation hearing, and the judgment went against them. They plan to surrender their federal firearms license, the Harts said, on March 9. If they don’t surrender it, the ATF will revoke the license anyway.
She opted against describing the case details but wanted the public to know no serious errors, such as missing inventory, took place. She said the case was based on paperwork mistakes.
Milan and Elaine could appeal in the U.S. District Court. Elaine said they decided against an appeal because they are tired of the legal system and have spent much on lawyers already.
Milan said the situation is troublesome as he is 59 and hadn’t planned on retiring from selling guns until 70. He said the ATF has taken a firmer view on paperwork over the last 10 years and that has affected many small gun shops. His statement matches what many bloggers have noted. He said their company even had one audit that took four years.
They lost their business how? Because paranoid people stopped buying guns and ammo? Nope. Paperwork? Really? And then they just gave up? I'm sorry that they lost their business, but that paperwork is kind of important and it's kind of what lawmakers do. I mean, I hate to break it to Hart and his supporters but when he gets to St. Paul and starts to work in the Minnesota House, they are going to ask about paperwork and expect it to be done. Simply giving up on it isn't going to please the House leaders from the Tea Party or whatever.

That's going to do wonders for Albert Lea's standing in St. Paul. Send a guy to the Minnesota House who stopped selling guns because the government asked him to be vigilant about paperwork. I can totally see that working out for the people who want things like a dredged lake. Well, we would have asked the budget people in St. Paul for help to dredge the lake but that paperwork was a real buzzkill so Hart just gave up and, besides. We need to get the government out of our lives. Except, of course, when it comes time to tell a woman what to put in her vagina. But, all the other stuff, hell no.

I mean, paperwork? Holy cow. Was it the kind that stops felons from buying guns--things somewhat like that? And now Milan Hart wants to go to fancy St. Paul and have to look at bills and memorandums and paperwork all day long?

Well, why not, Joe the Voter will say. Dumbassery abounds.