You Can't Kick William Shatner Out of Anything

This is not the sort of publicity that Google+ really needs, but it sure doesn't hurt William Shatner to get his name in the news for being a nice guy, does it?

Google has, on both the Blogger and Google+ platforms, a minor weakness. If enough people click on your profile or blog, and call you SPAM, then Google has some sort of metric that kicks in an flags you as SPAM and shuts you down. It is reviewed, of course, by a person, but does Google have enough people doing this work in a timely manner? Are there enough safeguards and appeals for people? I hope so.

A few weeks ago, some clown actually had the nerve to ask me if I was a spammer, and he failed to perform due diligence and click on the links I was posting. I was posting my photos, taken by me, owned by me, and putting them on my blog, and then on my Google+ profile. Had he looked, he would have seen that what I do is entirely on the up and up and that I have over 4,000 followers and over five years of blogging behind me and if he was smart about Google, he would know that this does not happen by accident. You cannot survive in this environment for very long if you abuse the good graces of others, and you cannot expect to receive hundreds of +1's and all that if you are a merciless troll. As always, I am thrilled to have so many people following me and I am humbled by the amount of attention the blogs have gotten over the years.

The best thing you can do is ignore the clowns and reward the great people who follow you with more and better content and honest interaction. Don't sweat the people who abuse the system and try to SPAM you--they'll be taken care of by the system and the community.

I follow Shatner on Google+, and his "hello" has never bothered me, nor should it bother anyone else. He's merely opening a thread where his fans can interact with him, nothing more. Kicking him out of anything is tantamount to burning down the entire culture for laughs.

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