William Jacobson Doesn't Even Pretend to Not Be Racist Anymore

Of course, Obama related to first black slave on his, um, mother’s side
Et tu, Ancestry.com? Why have you sold your integrity by “cobbling” together facts, making “deductions” and ultimately telling us that Obama is related to slave “John Punch” because the last name sounds like Obama’s mother’s ancestor “Bunch.” 
I’m just waiting for someone to link Obama’s first black slave ancestor to Elizabeth Warren’s Cherokee ancestor, you know, the one with the high cheekbones.
I love it when the smell of wingnut rises in the morning.

Here we have a "respectable" educator and a professor and a highly-popular conservative blogger, and all that's missing are his Klan robes and his copy of "The Bell Curve." And he'll have a "heh, indeed," from Instapundit before the day is through, no doubt.