Who Would You Rather Have a Beer With?

Tim Pawlenty makes a lame and rather dismal remark:
What's a folksy, blue-collar pitch from a Midwestern pol without a good beer analogy? 
Appearing at a GOP Victory office opening in swing state North Carolina, Tim Pawlenty on Saturday compared the President Barack Obama's lofty rhetoric of hope and change to the unsatisfying byproduct of a poor-quality keg of an adult beverage. 
"We got a problem because we've got a president who's all foam and no beer," declared the former Minnesota governor and top GOP VP pick.
The crowd of about 300 supporters roared.
"I don't know about you but I'm tired of hearing these teleprompter speeches and no results!" he said. "You know his big fancy speeches from four years ago; those speeches, those words don't put gas in our cars do they? And his teleprompter speeches don't pay the mortgage do they?"
What is sadder? The fact that three hundred people "roared" at something as lame and as pathetic as an "all foam, no beer" remark or that they all forgot the fact that his comparison, making Romney a beer with no foam, goes against Romney's Mormon faith? I cannot decide.

Who would you rather have a beer with? How about we leave that for another discussion about a complete and utter lack of substance in our politics.

I do know this--if you're going to talk to Republicans about Romney, avoid comparisons to alcohol and avoid making the case that President Obama was making speeches that would turn into gas in cars and mortgage payments. He never promised anything like that. And I guess Mitt Romney, who doesn't drink beer, cannot use a teleprompter from here on in. Nice one.

Is Mitt Romney going to put gas in cars and pay mortgages? I thought Republicans were for small government, leaving people alone, and letting people pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Do they need a Republican to get elected president so that he will do those things for them?

Pawlenty may have just talked himself out of a vice-presidential slot.