The FBI Failed to Stop Major Nidal Hasan

If it's Friday in July, then someone must be dumping some bad news.

In this case, the FBI is offloading an embarrassing report that should be widely publicized and debated. Guess what? Not going to happen.

It should not surprise anyone that a former director of the FBI has just delivered a bombshell. The FBI failed to perform due diligence. It failed to adequately follow up on what Major Nidal Hasan was up to. It failed to step in and give the United States Army what they needed to get this guy outprocessed into Fort Living Room with some clearly-defined level of urgency.

The ridiculous use of the term "Defense Department bosses" leaves little to the imagination. As soon as Hasan was discovered to be in conversations with al-Awlaki, two things should have happened, that damned day: he should have been placed in custody, pending a hearing and he should have had his security clearance revoked, pending further investigation. They should have frog-marched him out of the building he was in and locked him up (with all due process, of course). That did not happen.

We do know that his chain of command at the now-defunct or soon-to-be-closed Walter Reed Army Medical Center passed him on to Fort Hood without actually evaluating him properly as an officer. The mere fact that he was promoted, despite displaying incompetence in the performance of his duties, indicates that the Army's officer evaluation system is broken.

In other words, the FBI shit the bed and people died due to incompetence.

This is a sad state of affairs that we find ourselves in. And, to be specific about it, they should forcibly shave Hasan's beard clean off. He is still an officer in the United States Army. He should be forced to comply with proper grooming standards. Whatever religion he claims to follow is simply not Islam.