Say Anything, But Don't Say Anything About Gun Control

It is a tragic thing for people to have to live through something like this. I cannot imagine the horror and the pain that the people in Colorado are experiencing right now.

What I know is this--no one better say anything about gun control. No one better bring it up and make the case that enforcing existing laws isn't really cutting it when there are so many felons and crazy people getting their hands on guns. No one better speak up and say something along the lines of, "hey, maybe we should do something about how easy it is for the mentally ill to get weapons that can kill a lot of people."

How much do you want to bet there was at least one thirty round clip used in this incident? Anyone? Do the math--fifty or sixty shots and two firearms. Body armor? Why do we allow the sale of body armor anyway?

Body armor is designed to keep you alive long enough to finish your shooting spree. Beyond that, only cops and the military should have access to it. Yeah, that makes me a sucker and a fool, but, guess what? I can't think of a single, solitary reason for anyone not a cop and not in the military to have body armor unless they're involved in drug dealing or planning the next shooting spree.

I'm not suggesting that we take away your squirrel rifle, grampa. I'm not with the bleeding hearts who are calling for a ban on all guns, every gun, whichever gun there is that can be banned. I'm thinking about background checks that matter and the end of gun show sales to whoever walks up with cash money.

I'm not going to be surprised at all when we learn the details behind the life of the sick and deranged asshole who did this (and, don't worry--this will hardly harsh the summer movie buzz that is the latest Batman movie).

Apparently, he didn't have the decency to off himself and bring about his own demise--what a coward.

This is altogether too depressing to think about beyond having some sympathy for the victims.

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