My Neglected Little Scribd Account

Scribd had such promise; where did that promise go?

Well, the inclusiveness of sharing posts on Google+ has been a wonderful development for me, and that's probably the one thing that has been responsible for causing me to stop uploading documents on Scribd.

When I analyzed traffic from Scribd, there was virtually nothing coming from there to indicate that Scribd readers were engaging my content and going to visit my sites; Google+ is entirely the opposite. Not only do I get hits, feedback and praise, I see real traffic.

Scribd, however, has redesigned their website. Featured documents are prominently displayed and everything else kinds of disappears into undefined columns and gutters. They need more lines to separate things; minimalism is fine, but there's too much content splattered about. The document about cinematography occupies the center mass of the upper half of the site but the document thumbnail is improperly formatted.

Anyway, Scribd was a great idea, but you won't find much of me there anymore.