Katie Holmes Might Be the One to Destroy Scientology

There's a whole other aspect to this story that I think even the lowly TMZ can figure out on their own.

The extent to which Scientology, as an organization and as a legal entity, is willing to go to in order to minimize the damage that is being done to Tom Cruise right now is going to tell everyone just exactly where the organization is headed.

This is not just about the end of the five year contractual obligation marriage, which was merely a sham, but it is about what an organization can do to a 33 year-old woman who decides to shield her daughter from what many consider to be a cult.

If the U.S. Department of Justice were to get involved and shield Miss Holmes from being hounded for her decision, well. What would that say to people who are struggling with their own decision to leave Scientology? What would it say to the future of an organization that doesn't shy away from heavy-handed tactics, bullying, and intimidation?

It may be hard to believe, but Katie Holmes has a tremendous amount of power right now, and this could be a huge, huge deal if she unleashes her particular version of hell on Tom Cruise in the days and weeks ahead. You destroy Tom Cruise, you have a pretty good shot at destroying or splintering Scientology.

If she rolls over and does whatever she can to preserver herself and her child, that's okay, too. You hope for heroics, but people are people and they do what they have to do.