In the Couldn't Get Any Dumber Department...

Which "Dems" are these? Not me. I'm going to use Aquaman against Romney.

Noted mouthbreather Jim Hoft attracts some serious talent to his house of nutty cards:

If you want a great example as to why the conservative movement can't acquire any purchase in the popular culture, look no further than the squirming minds behind these kinds of comments. This is as far as they get, mentally or otherwise, in a debate about what's happening in our country.

The fact that there's this overhyped film coming out, that we're entering the political contest for the Presidency, and that the Republicans nominated a candidate who has a shady business past, an inability to articulate why his abilities as a businessman are a positive, and can't campaign to save his life is whose fault? Oh, that's right. Hollyweird.

Mental midgets, one and all.