Congratulations, Wingnuts. You Gave Money to a Child Molester

Oh, my.

Let's parse this new revelation, shall we?

Since the murder of Trayvon Martin, all we have heard from the wingnut chorus are the songs of love and devotion for one George Zimmerman, he of the stand your ground moment against the hoodie-wearing thug. For example, here's the most recent post on Zimmerman at Just One Minute. Can't wait to see how they spin this.

Think of the defenses they have used for this man--that he's a decent person who defended himself. That he was all that stood between anarchy and civilization. That he is being railroaded by the media. That he deserves to be defended.

Well, congratulations to all of you out there who sent money to this guy. Congratulations, wingnuts. You ponied up a massive amount of money to defend a child molester.

That's right--George Zimmerman is, apparently, a child molester. And, while our concerns should be for the victim in this case--a woman who is, apparently, no longer afraid of him--you have to concede that George Zimmerman has left a lot of victims in his wake besides Trayvon Martin. He is a monster who needs to be locked up and denied ownership of a firearm for the rest of his life, for starters.

Of course, the defense of Zimmerman is based on one thing--hating young black men. That's what it boils down to. Those people who gave him the money he shuffled around and hid from the authorities and talked about in code with his wife? Yeah, every penny of that money tumbled into his PayPal or whatever specifically because there are a lot of Americans who, apparently, hate young black men.

Zimmerman has raised, what? Several hundred thousand dollars? Much of it donated in very small amounts, I would imagine, and donated from people who used their E-mail addresses? Oh, what I wouldn't give to send every one of those people a congratulatory message of thanks and devotion--a message that says, simply, "thank you for your race-based knee-jerk defense of a child molester."

I remember slapping myself on the forehead months ago, shocked that these people would defend such an obvious head case. I remember dozens of extremely abusive DISQUS comments (I dumped my DISQUS account largely because I was tired of seeing comments from people who cannot think and spell) from people convinced that Zimmerman was an upstanding, good guy.

What judgment!

In the days and weeks ahead, let's have a look at how many people delete their defense of Zimmerman from their blogs and move the goalposts some more, shall we?