Been Caught Lying Much?

It would seem to me that the New York City Police Department is engaged in something that really doesn't make sense:

The NYPD is regularly held up as one of the most sophisticated and significant counterterrorism operations in the country. As evidence of the NYPD's excellence, the department, its allies and the media have repeatedly said the department has thwarted or helped thwart 14 terrorist plots against New York since Sept 11. 
In a glowing profile of Commissioner Ray Kelly published in Newsweek last month, for example, journalist Christopher Dickey wrote of the commissioner's tenure since taking office in 2002: The record "is hard to argue with: at least 14 full-blown terrorist attacks have been prevented or failed on Kelly's watch." 
The figure has been cited repeatedly in the media, by New York congressmen, and byKelly himself. The NYPD itself has published the full list, saying terrorists have "attempted to kill New Yorkers in 14 different plots." 
As Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in March: "We have the best police department in the world and I think they show that every single day and we have stopped 14 attacks since 9/11 fortunately without anybody dying."
The idea that a municipality is engaged in fighting terrorism strikes me as being odd, to say the least. What happens when they screw up? Who will answer for that?

There are Federal agencies engaged in fighting terrorism; we have billions being spent on such endeavors. Coordinated efforts are critical for fighting terrorism, and, to this day, I can guarantee you one thing: the FBI doesn't share anything significant with anyone unless they absolutely have to and even then probably doesn't. And we have this much smaller entity out duplicating this effort, answerable to whom? The FBI is, nominally, anyway, answerable to the Executive Branch and to Congress. The NYPD is required to comply with what the city council and the mayor of New York City have to say? Or do they have to answer to the State of New York? Who do they answer to when it is clear that they are leaving their jurisdiction to fight terrorism? I don't understand any of it.

This is hilarious, however:

That's what journalism looks like--afflicting the comfortable never looked so good.