Bain, Bain, Bain

I hope the Obama Campaign makes Bain Capital a household word:
There are signs, though, that the Obama campaign’s attacks have had an effect. Forty-two percent of registered voters in a Washington Post/ABC News poll released Tuesday said they think Romney’s work as a corporate investor did more to cut jobs, versus 36 percent who said it was more directed toward creating jobs. 
Strikingly, the poll also found that twice as many voters in swing states said that Romney’s business career was a major reason to oppose him than those who said it’s a major reason to support. 
Republicans originally found success in using this line of attack versus Romney as recently as this year. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Texas Gov. Rick Perry pummeled Romney over his business record and personal wealth leading into the South Carolina primary, contributing, in part, to Romney’s loss in that contest. 
Katon Dawson, a longtime figure in South Carolina Republican politics who spearheaded Perry’s campaign there, said he didn’t expect Obama to find much success in using this tactic. 
“If it didn't stick in the Republican primary, it's not going to work in the general,” he said. “There's no way they're going to blame Mitt Romney for a member of their family being out of work.”
I beg to differ. We are in the early period of the 2012 Presidential Election and nobody's paying much attention. That will happen come the day after Labor Day. You know--the day meant to celebrate American labor, which is under relentless assault by the Republican Party? Yoo-hoo?

This is not the Republican contest for the nomination, which was one of the single most dysfunctional things to happen in this country in 78,000 years. This is the big leagues. This is a campaign that is going to be waged on the economy (let's hope) and one that the Obama Administration is going to win, simply because no one is going to believe that a predatory capitalist is the best person for the job of restoring the American economy.

Now, the argument really should be about the obstructionism of the U.S. Congress, as controlled in the House by Republicans. You can't run against Congress, but you can highlight the fact that these people have done everything they can to wreck the American economy through whatever means available to them.

Let's have THAT debate and that discussion and see who wins.