Why Do I Bother?

I don't know why I bother discussing the Vietnam War with anyone.
"Liberalism believes human nature can be changed and they would have hoped to find a way to change the villager’s “violent natures,” e.g. address the “root causes” of the violence..."
Yes. but liberalism was correct. Liberalism was the correct course of action after the removal of General Westmoreland. When General Creighton Abrams took over, the situation in Vietnam was dire. What he did is something that is lost in the analysis of the war--he turned the tide and began to inflict serious damage on the ability of the Viet Cong to operate in South Vietnam. He carried out operations that interdicted the flow of supplies to the south. He changed the tactics and the strategy of how the war was fought.

The problem is, by the time he began to make those changes, the war was lost at home. The American people had seen enough. No matter how successful he was, Abrams refused to enter the public fray and he continued to carry out his policies. Behind his back, the Nixon Administration cut his troop strength and played games with the negotiations with the North Vietnamese.

Ask anyone who was there--Abrams won the war. Nixon lost the peace. And the Vietnamese people suffered greatly under the yoke of a communist government that re-educated and suppressed its people.

No one ever agrees with me; few people, if any, know the history of the war AFTER the Tet Offensive. Ask most people, and they'll repeat what they think happened--the war was lost, America pulled out, and it was all Westmoreland's fault.

No one understands what General Abrams accomplished and no one understands that he remains one of America's greatest generals.

I served in Korea; would the writer cited here understand what Korea is like today? One part of the peninsula lives in fear, starvation, and terror. The other is a free society teeming with vitality and gadgets. No one is happy about the line of demarcation between them; but the alternative is an entire Korean peninsula under the yoke of a madman's chubby, Swiss-educated grandson.

Oh well. What can you do?