What Part of a Depression Do You Not Understand?

If you understand the state that the American economy was in, circa 2009, then you can look at what Governor McDonnell is saying and have a good laugh at his expense.

There is no question--this nation faced a Depression. A full-on Depression of our economy and a collapse of the auto industry and a wholesale loss of millions of jobs, permanently. And so, in the American political discourse, there is no question--credit for avoiding this Depression shall never be granted to President Obama. That is the great shame of it all. We can accord George W. Bush any leadership accomplishments after the 9/11 attacks but we cannot grant President Obama any credit for saving millions of jobs and putting America's economy back on a sound footing.

Governor McDonnell cannot understand or acknowledge this. But America is back on track. Our crummy jobs numbers right now are a depressing fact but America has a chance to turn things around that it never would have had under a President McCain.

Honestly, you would think President Bush's tax cuts had been eliminated. Does Governor McDonnell understand that this one fact proves him ridiculous?

I am all for doing away with those tax cuts, but you would think someone--anyone--who believes them to be correct for the American economy would acknowledge that President Obama has not been all bad.