What a Lovely Comment

May you find yourself one day in the same position as Zimmerman after lawfully defended yourself from an animal. Should I see your name in the news for a such an incident, I will take great pleasure in watching them cart you off to a jail cell filed with violent brutes who will call you their "little B@&%quot;.

What I absolutely adore about a comment like this is how gutless it is.

Do you really think Trayvon Martin was an animal? Then sign your real name to this comment.

Do you really think I'm going to end up in a jail cell for your amusement? Then sign your name to this comment.

Do you really think this way? Really?

Then own up to it and be an American. Have the guts to sign your John Hancock to your statement of hate.

Otherwise, keep on trolling.

By the way, this is you:

It took you ten minutes to write that? And you double posted because you don't understand what comment moderation is all about? I would hazard to guess that your love of anonymous commenting has served you well up to this point. The Internet is such a scary place. Good thing you still think you can hide behind being anonymous.

Hope you still feel brave.