Timothy Michael Poe is a Fraud

It would appear that Timothy Michael Poe does not have a talent for lying.

Calling out veterans who lie about being wounded, who lie about their medals, and who lie in order to make it on television is an important part of our culture. This is why we keep records, and if Poe's records are wrong and if he did, in fact, suffer an injury in Afghanistan, then I will gladly remove this post and apologize. I have a feeling I won't have to do that in this case.

The lie unravels quickly. When Poe claimed 14 years of service, he destroyed his own credibility up front. If the military has records that show he only served 9 years, then you can safely conclude that he is lying about something, and I wonder if some television producer or reality show flunkey put him up to telling this fantastic story.

As for the injury, the National Guard might not have his complete medical records; they would be with whatever unit he was attached to in Afghanistan if he went as an augmentee or if he was cut detachment orders. But what is missing from this story is the fact that Poe was not awarded a Purple Heart. This would have been automatically awarded to him if he did, in fact, suffer injuries from a grenade in combat and that award would have appeared in his records so that the Minnesota Guard would be able to track all of his approved awards. A head injury and a broken back would have trigged a medical evacuation and he would have very likely have been taken to Landstuhl here in Germany. Do they have any record of treating him? That would be interesting to find out.

The problem is, his hackneyed, cliche-ridden war story is too ridiculous to believe. It's always a grenade, and the hero always tries to warn his buddies. His sad-sack story sounds exactly like the kind of thing that the general public loves to hear. The poor jackass forgot about the people who can sort out his lies in mere moments.

Stealing valor is fairly commonplace, even today. But, the good thing is, the system catches liars like this much quicker than ever before. Kudos to the Minnesota National Guard for being on top of this story and exposing Poe.

Poe does a tremendous disservice by trying to falsify his war record in order to impress the likes of Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel. I mean, if you have to lie to Howie, what the hell good are you to the rest of us?


Timothy Michael Poe has claimed, among other things, to have earned the Combat Infantryman Badge (impossible, since he was an 88 series and a 92 series and never held the correct MOS in the Army), a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star. A member of his unit claims that Poe "fell off a truck" in Afghanistan and was medically discharged from the service.

Bear in mind, this is in the age of the computer and the database. Wow.