The Narc Next Door

The Romney Family Home in La Jolla, California
This can't be good:

If you want to blend in, you have to accept the lifestyle of your neighbors. Clearly, Mitt Romney does not understand California, or California beach etiquette, and this is going to cause him some serious headaches in the future.

He should be thankful that Mr. Quint is merely getting high and drunk at the same time on the public beach near his property. He should be waving and smiling at people and he should, as they say locally, chillax about that stuff.

I love how the most interesting bit of the story is buried near the bottom. If the writer had led with it, Romney and his handlers definitely would have cried foul. But it's the most important part of the whole story--Romney is chastising a young man for using weed in California. This is like accusing polar bears in Alaska of being white.

One wonders when someone will look closely at the five Romney boys who refuse to join the military and find out whether or not any of them partake of the chronic.