The Irrelevance of Don Imus

The 2012 Presidential Election is gearing up, and I suddenly remembered what it was that was missing.

Don Imus.

Of course, Imus is still where he...was. He's on...he's on...

Ah, yes. He's on Fox Business, whatever that still is. Or, more accurately, he's simulcasting from a Fox property and he's still on terrestrial radio, right? His website has no listing for a radio station in Washington D.C., Maryland or Virginia, but that cannot be correct. I have a hard time believing that he cannot be heard in Washington D.C. I just can't tell you which station still carries his show. There isn't one listed.

I do know that he's on WABC in New York City, and I would imagine that that is his flagship station. You cannot get Imus in a number of states, most notably, the blue state of Minnesota. You cannot get him in Texas (which I find absolutely to mean the end of his radio program sooner rather than later) or in Wisconsin, which just convulsed and gave us the top political story of the spring, but you can get him out of Omaha.

If Imus was on late at night, he'd still have a national AM radio audience, but, as it is, his relevance and his reach have faded considerably. Could he have ever been considered a national radio personality? Perhaps. But, he is certainly irrelevant now and sinking fast. By the time we come back around to do this in four years, there almost certainly won't be a Don Imus on the radio outside of New York City and a few affiliates.

At one time, the likes of Senator John McCain and a whole host of political power hitters would regularly appear on his show. Before he was fired by MSNBC, Imus was certainly relevant to national politics and he was able to make and break news. He has always been able to sell books--the one mainstay of his program was always the fact that if you had a political biography or a political book to sell, you had to punch the ticket and go sit for at least twenty minutes of abuse from Don Imus.

Now? Forget about it.

Did you know that Charles McCord left his show? I couldn't tell you when, but McCord announced his retirement over a year ago. Talk about a nothing story.

I realize that we're in June, and nothing is going on. But his guests lately are a reminder of how far he has fallen. Why he gives air time to the insanity that is Bo Dietl is difficult to fathom; I cannot tell you who Michael Riedel or Casey Anderson are without cheating and looking up their names.

If you check the programming schedule, this is not such a bad thing. Imus is now at his ranch. Perhaps, one day soon, he'll just say to hell with it and stay there. He might as well. The American political scene has moved on, grateful that they do not have to suffer through his mock humiliation anymore. He is irrelevant, and none of those people want anything to do with him ever again.

The marketplace has spoken, but Imus hasn't heard anything in a long time.