The Health Care Ruling Reveals the Wingnut Revulsion Towards Taxes

Well, that was quite a ruling, wasn't it?

You can feel the sighs of relief out there (and the gnashing of teeth can be heard as well). American history is one straight line--from the old ways of doing things to a more progressive way of life. Each and every time conservatives try to stop progress, there has to be a ruling or a decision made to allow the American people to continue rolling forward. We ebb and flow, forward and back, but the momentum is usually forward and almost always in the direction of more freedom, not less.

If you think having freedom means not having to worry that getting sick will ruin you financially and destroy your family's way of life, then you ended up a little freer today.

Buried in the ruling is the word tax. The use of the word tax is extremely telling, for this is how the new line of attack will probably form. Conservatives will call this a tax, will rail against it as a huge tax, and will use the word tax so many times, it will take on an ethereal meaning.

The conservatives will never stop trying to kill this legislation. They will never give up. They will use the tax angle to try to chip away at the fact that the government is now in the business of helping people get health care and keep their freedom. This is appropriate and just, and this is what we need in order to transform America into a much better society. When people can live their lives, free of the fear of being ruined by a simple illness, we are already on a common sense path towards a better way of life for all.

Ronald Reagan raised taxes numerous times. Taxes aren't nearly as bad as lying about what is, and what is not a tax. So, when the Chief Justice calls it a tax, that's his opinion. It is not a fact. The Supreme Court hands out opinions, not the truth.

Here's some truth for you--it's Constitutional, and everyone who is mad about that right now needs a hug.

When you're done hugging them, remember. The relentless assault on universal health care coverage continues. The fight to make the law permanent and unassailable is something progressives are going to have to fight for every single day for the rest of our natural lives.

We have to make this legislation and this system better, and we have to keep working at it in the face of an enemy that will never stop trying to ruin government of, by, and for the people because they hate government, they hate you, and they want you to die, sick and alone, because their world doesn't make sense when things go right for others.

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